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Zirconia Aluminium Oxide

Zirconia Aluminium Oxide

Zirconia aluminium oxide is fused with high-grade zirconium and aluminum, high temperature and special cooling technology. It is especially suitable for snagging billets of stainless steel,carbon steel and widely used as high-grade refractory.

  • Characteristics:
    1. High hardness and toughness.
    2. High temperature resistance.
    3. Excellent self-sharpeness.
    4. Tough and dense microcrystalline structure.
    5. High cut rate and longer service life.

    ZA-40 is especially designed to make abrasive belts, flap discs for stainless steel and titanium grinding, large-diameter cut off wheel and grinding wheel for rail track grinding.
    ZA-25 is specially designed to make heavy duty grinding wheel and large cut-off wheel for steel billet grinding.

    Chemical Composition:

    Chemical Composition(%,by weight)

    Note: Special requirements can be satisfied by negotiation.

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